Distell is launching a national integrated advertising campaign in the UK for its South African Savanna Cider brand this month.

The campaign, which continues with the theme associated with Savanna in other international territories  - "witty, off the wall, dry humour" - is designed to coincide with the timing of the Euro 2008 football championships, for which England did not qualify.

Each execution shows a man in an England football shirt and a dour expression on his face, the first pushing a trolley around a supermarket; the second holding a basket of dirty washing in the launderette; and the third cutting a hedge - tasks they are doing, under sufferance, because there is no football of interest on the television.

The accompanying caption reads 'Support  life less sweet, put lemon in your cider this June'.

Anthony Mills, head of marketing for Savanna in Europe, said: "Our campaigns always include dry humour based on a topical theme. In this instance it is taking an empathetic, slightly rye look at what all the England football supporters could be doing during the Euro 2008 - everything is slightly bitter sweet."

Media will include national press, city-centric press, London underground panels and Soho cycle taxis for the duration of the campaign.