The UK pub industry is claiming that BSkyB, the UK-based satellite TV company of abusing its dominant position in the television sports market.

According to a report by the Guardian newspaper Six Continents, formerly Bass group and the British Beer and Pubs Association have seen their monthly subscription fee for Sky Sports channels increase by about 50% a year, against an average increase in the cost of sports programming of 31%.

Six Continents also claims that since 1993 landlords at large pubs have seen their monthly subscription fees rise from £4.26 to £960, an annual fee of almost £12,000 per pub.

An investigation by the Office of Fair Trading into allegations that BSkyB is abusing its market power is expected to deliver its report by the end of December.

According to the report Tony Ball, chief executive of the satellite broadcaster insists that his company has done nothing wrong and is prepared to take legal action against the regulator if the investigation finds against BSkyB.