A ban on sugary soft drinks in vending machines took place last week

A ban on sugary soft drinks in vending machines took place last week

An executive order to replace sugary soft drinks in vending machines in San Francisco with “healthier” beverages has now taken effect.

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom initially made the order, which includes non-diet CSDs sports drinks and artificially sweetened water, in April, the San Francisco Chronicle reported last week.

It is understood the sugary drinks have been replaced with soy milk, rice milk, juice and diet sodas.

Juice drinks must be 100% fruit or vegetable juice with no added sweeteners and diet sodas can be no more than 25% of the items offered.

In addition, the mayor has issued a proclamation declaring the summer as a “soda free summer”, and is encouraging all San Franciscans to opt for healthy alternatives to calorically sweetened beverages.

Newsom’s website last month cited a 2007 California Health Interview Survey that revealed around 43% of San Francisco adults are overweight or obese. And among youth, around 25% of 12 to 17 year olds are overweight or obese.

“Parents like me know that sodas and other unhealthy drinks have contributed to the rise in obesity and diabetes in our city’s children,” said supervisor for the mayor’s office Eric Mar. “Soda Free Summer will help us promote healthier diets and lifestyles for San Francisco children and their families.”