Boston Beer Co., the Samuel Adams brewer, is celebrating the first American brewers by introducing the Brewer Patriot Collection.

The beers are said to have been enjoyed by founding fathers of US brewing, including Samuel Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, from recipe records left behind.

The collection includes James Madison Dark Wheat Ale, George Washington Porter and 1790 Root Beer Brew. It will be available in specialty US beer stores beginning this month, and includes four 12 oz bottles of beers for a suggested retail price of US$9.99.

"The Samuel Adams Brewer Patriot Collection honours our fine American brewing tradition by bringing back historical beer recipes and by using many of the same authentic ingredients the founders used," said Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams beers.

"Brewing beers that the founding fathers would have brewed and enjoyed themselves is a one-of-a-kind experience. It gave me a true sense of connection not only to our country's heritage, but also to these first American brewers."