Click through to view Salvatore Calabreses Liquore di Limone

Click through to view Salvatore Calabrese's Liquore di Limone

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Salvatore Calabrese's Liquore di Limone

Category - Spirits, liqueur, lemon, 30% abv

Available - Since late last year

Location - Initially in UK, ahead of global launch

Price - In UK, GBP30 (US$48) per 50cl bottle

Distribution - Emporia Brands

Liquore di Limone has been created by UK-based cocktail supremo Salvatore Calabrese.

The liqueur is available in the UK on- and off-trade, in Harrods, Hedonism Wines, specialist UK spirits retailers Gerry’s and Vintage House in London, and on-line through,, and through wholesalers including Amathus, Coe Vintners, Furniss Roe & Nichols, Speciality Spirits and Venus.

Salvatore’s Liquore di Limone will be released in Dubai next month, then in Milan and Moscow later this year.

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The new liqueur, which Salvatore describes as ‘a labour of love’, is made from the finest mid-season Amalfi lemons picked from groves close to his family home and macerated in a fine Cognac to create the best lemon liqueur in the world.

Known as the “Queen of lemons” the Amalfi lemon variety has an intense aroma which has been appreciated in cuisine since before Roman times.

Salvatore’s Liquore di Limone has a unique zesty aroma and a superb taste which comes from only using natural ingredients. The lemons are picked at their optimum, in the first week of June, and then slowly macerated for five weeks in a fine Cognac, which Salvatore as an acknowledged expert has selected in preference to, for example, neutral grain spirit, and there are no artificial colours or flavourings. 

The result is sensational: a true lemon yellow colour; delicate, fresh lemon zest aromas pour out of the glass. On the palate it is alive with lemon flavours heightened by brisk acidity and a classy hit of fine spirit.  There is a terrific balance of sugar and acid, with a great, lively mouth tone.  The long-lasting finish is impressively clean and refreshing.

Salvatore’s Liquore di Limone can be served at room temperature, on the rocks or chilled straight from the fridge.

Salvatore says “Growing up in Italy where the Amalfi lemons grow, I always thought there was the possibility of producing an outstanding lemon liqueur as there is for oranges.  This became my labour of love – to show the world what a true Amalfi lemon liqueur in perfect harmony should taste like. I think with ‘Liquore di Limone’ I have finally succeeded.”

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