SABMiller has declared that sales of its Polish beer brands, Tyskie and Lech, are soaring in the UK.

The company said yesterday (17 May), that sales of Tyskie have risen by 333% in SABMiller's second half (six months to March 2007) compared to the same time last year. 

Tyskie and Lech sell over 100,000 hectolitres or 17.6m pints in the UK and Ireland, according to the company.

Tyskie's UK success now forms part of a high profile print and broadcast campaign in Poland, which is managed through SABMiller's Polish subsidiary, Kompania Piwowarska. 

SABMiller Europe's managing director Alan Clark said: "The Polish migrants who have moved to London have done so with an estimated disposable income of £4bn a year. Government figures show that 82% are aged between 18 and 34 which underlines the attractiveness of the Polish pound."

Tyskie and Lech is brewed by SABMiller's subsidiary, Kompania Piwowarska and is marketed and distributed in the UK by Miller Brands.