SABMiller has been commended for upping production of Chibuku in Ghana

SABMiller has been commended for upping production of Chibuku in Ghana

SABMiller's Accra Brewery Ltd has started full production of Chibuku opaque beer at its brewery in Ghana.

The unit, which SABMiller took full control of in 2010, confirmed late last week that the Chibuku plant has been officially opened. Chibuku is an opaque beer that is brewed from maize and sorghum locally-grown in Ghana.

The production facility, at Accra Brewery's facility in the city of Accra, cost US$2.5m to construct and has an annual capacity in the region of 100,000 hectolitres, SABMiller said. It can process 200 metric tonnes of sorghum and 300 metric tonnes of maize per year.

Accra Brewery launched Chibuku Shake Shake at the end of 2009. The product takes its cues from opaque beers that have a strong traditional heritage throughout Africa, such as pito in Ghana.

“The commissioning of this plant is an important milestone because it is the first time in the history of our nation that a product similar to our traditional brews is being packaged on such a large commercial scale,” said His Excellency John Dramani Mahama at the opening ceremony last week. “I must commend Accra Brewery and its parent company SABMiller for bringing such an initiative to Ghana.”

Prior to the commissioning of the facility, Accra Brewery had been producing Chibuku on a far smaller scale in order to test the market.

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