SABMiller has launched a new website, which, the company claims, acts as "a comprehensive guide to alcohol" for consumers.

The UK-based brewer said late last week that the website,, has been designed to help consumers make informed choices and drink responsibly.

Included on the site is a section entitled 'alcohol and your body',which includes an interactive look at the body, explaining how alcohol is absorbed and processed. The site also provides information on how alcohol can impact various conditions like diabetes and pregnancy.

The 'social situations' section offers reminders of things to consider on a night out, including when drinking alcohol is not a good idea, the company said. The site also provides consumers with factual information on the alcohol content, cereal grains, and carbohydrates found in over 100 beer brands around the world.

"While we believe our beer adds to the enjoyment of life for the overwhelming majority of our consumers, we also care about the harmful effects of irresponsible alcohol consumption," said Kristin Wolfe, head of alcohol policy at SABMiller.

"With we hope to encourage straightforward conversations about the health and social considerations of drinking alcohol and to remind adults to make responsible decisions if they drink."

The website has been launched in English and in the coming months will be available in other languages including Czech, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Russian.