SABMiller has been forced to pull a television advert in the UK after a complainant suggested the ad would appeal to under 18-year-olds.

The advert for Miller Genuine Draft showed a man performing tricks on roller skates as he bypasses traffic. The skater also caught the eye of a woman who was drinking a bottle of the beer brand, which led to a viewer questioning whether the company was linking alcohol to sexual success.

The country's Advertising Standards Authority ruled today (19 September) that the roller skating, "particularly when combined with the effortless cool of the execution of a series of tricks", was likely to appeal strongly to under 18s.

The authority dismissed the suggested link between alcohol and sexual success, concluding that the interaction between the skater and the woman was "no more than an acknowledgment, or at worst mild flirtation".

SABMiller's UK division, Miller Brands (UK) said that, in view of the authority's concerns, they would not repeat the advert.

InBev was also admonished today by the ASA for a national press wraparound which inferred its Artois range of beers is family-owned. The brewer was instructed to remove the claim "a family dedicated to brewing for six centuries".