SABMiller is not pinning all its hopes for growth in China on Harbin Brewery, according to press reports. Speaking to the Financial Times earlier this week, SABMiller's managing director for Asia and Africa Andre Parker said that the company's strategy of acquiring regional Chinese brewers through its China Resources Breweries venture will not be affected by the outcome of its bid for Harbin.

"We are pretty much on track with or without Harbin.," Parker told the newspaper. "Harbin would be great . .. but it's not the end of the world for us. There are plenty of opportunities (in China)," he added.

The Financial Times quoted Parker as saying that, despite Harbin's rejection of the company's takeover offer, SABMiller would strive to retain the Chinese group's existing management if it succeeded in acquiring the company.

Yesterday, China Resources Breweries announced that it has acquired a 90% interest in two breweries in Anhui Province from Anhui Longjin Group.