SABMiller is re-organising parts of its business in India, as it prepares to launch a new beer in the country.

The company said that it has installed three regional sales heads around the country, while sourcing, brewery operations and planning would be done centrally.

SAB has around a 35% market share of India's beer sector, according to company figures.

Sandeep Kumar, director of corporate communications, said: "The changes made will increase marketing efficiency amidst heavy competition, and we hope to launch a new brand called Indus Pride, [which is] a mild beer, and another 100% malt beer next year."

Six of SABMiller's brands are now present in India, while Foster's and Peroni grew by over 45% in Mumbai and Delhi last year, according to the company. Peroni holds a 35% market share in Mumbai's imported beer segment, it claimed.

As for other brands, Royal Challenge has grown by 12.8% and Hayward's 5000 by 13% so far this year, SAB said. The brewer has invested US$650m in India.