SABMiller is hoping to attract more women to the beer category

SABMiller is hoping to attract more women to the beer category

The head of SABMiller's Europe unit has welcomed the rise of craft beer in the UK, claiming the segment is not a direct threat to the brewer's business.

Speaking to just-drinks in an exclusive interview today, Sue Clark brushed off the idea that small producers were a hindrance to the company in the country. “I think craft beer is helping the (beer) category because it's bringing excitement back and people are talking about beer and the range of styles," she said.

"We are in the world beer segment, so I don't think we are competing directly. A lot of craft beers are cask-conditioned so we are not fighting for tap handle space on the bar.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Clark detailed that SABMiller is looking to attract more women to the beer category, with the different flavours beer can offer being considered key. “It would be slightly patronising to say that all women like sweet (beer) so it is kind of recognising across the piece, that we need to encourage them (women) to try different things,” said Clark. 

Meanwhile, she ruled out the possibility of SABMiller following its rival Heineken by acquiring pubs in the UK to help bolster its market position. “It's a different skill running a pub, it's not our core skill, so I wouldn't see that happening,” said Clark.