SABMiller sells Aguila beer in Colombia

SABMiller sells Aguila beer in Colombia

SABMiller has joined with global retailer Carrefour to improve recycling rates in Colombia.

Both firms has signed a deal to install 15 recycling centres at Carrefour's supermarkets in the cities of Bogotá and Medellin.

SABMiller has a 98% volume share of Colombia's beer market via its local subsidiary, Bavaria.

The National Association of small recyclers and CEMPRE, a not-for-profit association which promotes reduction, reuse and recycling, are also part of the recylcing partnership.

The firms aim to collect 1,000 tonnes of waste within the first six months and will launch an advertising campaign for consumers.

"There is an increasing expectation being placed on companies today to minimise the environmental impact of their packaging, from sourcing materials through to disposal and recycling by consumers," said SABMiller's president in Latin America, Barry Smith.

"We seek to make a difference through innovative partnerships with suppliers and customers such as this one with Carrefour."