A non-executive director at SABMiller has announced his retirement.

Lord Renwick, who has been on the board for eight years and chair of the nomination committee, confirmed today (26 June) that he will retire from the brewer's board. Lord Renwick will step down at the annual general meeting in July next year.

"SABMiller is privileged to have had a director of the calibre of Lord Renwick on its board for the past eight years," said Meyer Kahn, SABMiller's chairman. "His contribution to the board has been immense and he has guided the deliberations of the nomination committee, which he currently chairs, and the remuneration committee, which he chaired until August 2004, with wisdom, integrity and foresight."

Earlier this month, SABMiller's South African units warned that demand for its beer brands was leading to shortage of glass in the country. Among the beers sold by SAB in the country are Castle Lite, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Pilsner Urquell, Hansa Marzen Gold and Miller Genuine Draft.