SABMiller has teamed up with the British Olympic fencing team.

The global brewer announced today (14 February) that it will partner the British Fencing team as part of an initiative between the FTSE and the British Olympic Association.

SABMiller said it will provide skills and resources in support of British Fencing as it develops as an autonomous organisation. The aim is for the partnership is to last up to, and potentially beyond, the London Olympics in 2012.

The initial focus will be on preparing a business plan to 2012, with the aim of raising the profile of British Fencing, securing sponsorship and putting in place appropriate governance and service provision.

"SABMiller is a business which thrives on competition in all arenas," said Sue Clark, SABMiller's corporate affairs director. "We are excited and honoured to partner with British Fencing and to share in their forthcoming quest for Olympic success."

Gail Lumsden, head of strategy & planning at SABMiller, will head up the project.

The initiative will partner 33 FTSE 100 companies with 33 Olympic sports governing bodies in order to share skills and knowledge to accelerate the organisational development and governance structure of each sport's governing body.