South African Breweries is seeking a meeting with the country's competition watchdog next month to hold talks on allegations that it has broken competition rules on distribution.

South Africa's Competition Commission is intending to refer a complaint over how SAB was operating its distribution network to the country's Competition Tribunal.

An independent distributor in South Africa issued the complaint to the Commission last year. The distributor's allegations include claims that SAB, which controls at least 96% of South Africa's beer market, has been prescribing prices to distributors and issuing discriminatory discounts to certain retailers.

A spokesman for SAB said the company is seeking talks to get its case heard before the Commission makes a decision on whether to refer the complaint.

"We can't compel the Commission but we want to respond to the concerns and issues that it may have," the SAB spokesman said. "In our view, there is no need to go to the Tribunal. We don't believe we have engaged in any anti-competitive practice."

SAB, the domestic unit of brewing giant SABMiller, sells brands including Castle and Hansa, and holds the local licence for Heineken's Amstel.