Ryanair is selling tap water in bottles to its passengers, according to press reports. The Mirror said yesterday (31 March) that the airline is selling Blue Rock sparkling water on its European flights for GBP1.70 (€2.60). The water is tap water from a treatment works, the newspaper said.

Blue Rock is bottled at source, Ryanair claims, but the water is pumped straight from London's mains water supply, the paper said.

The labels say that the water comes from Britvic Soft Drinks in Chelmsford, Essex. A spokesperson for Britvic told the newspaper: "We are definitely not trying to hide the fact that ultimately the water comes from the tap.

"Nobody has been misled because the Ryanair water is packaged as 'table water,' which means we are making no claim to be mineral or spring water."

Newspaper revelations last year about Coca-Cola's Dasani water brand coming from UK mains supply contributed to the brand being withdrawn altogether.