Cuervos distribution in Russia moves from Whitehall to Russian Standard this month

Cuervo's distribution in Russia moves from Whitehall to Russian Standard this month

Russian Standard distribution arm Roust Inc has taken over the marketing and distribution of Jose Cuervo Tequila in Russia from Whitehall Group.

The partnership between Casa Cuervo and Russian Standard which was confirmed earlier today (9 December), is the latest in a number of distribution deals signed by Cuervo owner the Beckmann family since their global deal with Diageo ended in June. Russia Standard-owned Central European Distribution Corporation took full control of Whitehall, which also owns the super-premium Kauffman vodka brand, in 2010.

Yiannis Stratos, regional director for Europe, Middle East & Africa for Cuervo, said the agreement was “very aligned to our strategic and commercial goals”, adding: “Russia represents a growth opportunity market for Cuervo, as we are still under-represented in this part of the world.”

Russia is the third largest Tequila market in the world with sales of over 500,000 cases in 2012, but is still dwarfed by top two markets Mexico and the US, according to The IWSR.

“Russia is an exciting market for Tequila and we are pleased to partner with the oldest and most respected Tequila manufacturer,” said Oleg Kirillin, Roust CEO.

“We plan to build a strong platform for Jose Cuervo’s further growth in Russia.”

The deal follows the announcement in July that Jose Cuervo would be distributed in Canada by The Kirkwood Group.

Similar deals have been signed in Southern Africa with Edward Snell & Co, and in Australia with Think Spirits.

Beckmann-owned Proximo Spirits took over the brand’s international distribution following the collapse of talks with Diageo, and is handling sales in the UK, US and Ireland.