Russian Standard is set to launch its first advertising campaign in the US.

The vodka producer said yesterday (20 July) that its 'Vodka is Russian' campaign - promoting its flagship Imperia brand - would run in newspapers and magazines across the country.

"We are proud to share with the US the number one luxury vodka from our country," said Roustam Tariko, owner and chairman of Russian Standard. "As the dominant leader of premium vodkas in Russia, we take great pride in reclaiming Russia's rightful place as the world's finest maker of vodka."

The campaign will emphasise the positioning of the brand as a Russian product. "Imperia is made in Russia with Russian ingredients, bottled in Russia, sold in Russia and is number one in Russia," continued Tariko. "No other premium vodka can claim this level of authenticity."

Russian Standard first launched the Imperia vodka brand in the US late last year. "Our goal in the US is to do what we've already done in Russia," concluded Tariko, "become the number one luxury vodka."