Russian Standard took over CEDC yesterday

Russian Standard took over CEDC yesterday

Russian Standard is launching a high-volume vodka from newly-acquired Central European Distribution Corporation (CEDC) into the US.

Green Mark will go on sale through Russian Standard's distribution network, the company said yesterday (7 June). It follows Russian Standard parent company Roust Trading's takeover of CEDC yesterday in exchange for debt relief

Green Mark sold 6.9m nine-litre cases last year, making it the fourth-biggest vodka in the world by volume, Russian Standard said. It is already on sale in the UK, CIS and Baltic States, and will sell in the US for US$12.99 per 75cl bottle. 

Meanwhile, Russian Standard has taken over US distribution of another CEDC brand, Poland's Zubrówka. The bison grass flavoured vodka is marketed as ZU in the US and will sell for $24.99 per 75cl bottle.

“The unique positioning and sheer size of Green Mark’s volumes in Russia and several other significant markets make it very attractive to US consumers,” Russian Standard Vodka Americas CEO Leonid Yangarber said. “In Poland, Zubrówka is a legendary brand, beloved by Poles for centuries.”

After taking full control of CEDC, Russian Standard said it planned to “significantly increase the export” of its new brands, capitalising on rising demand for “authentic spirits”. 

The takeover was part of CEDC's restructuring plan put into effect after debts forced it to file for bankruptcy in April