US functional beverage marketer RushNet has added a new product to its line-up with the launch of Organic Apple Rush Energized with Ginseng.

The new line was introduced at the Food Marketing Institute/Organic Trade Association Show held recently in Chicago.

Organic Apple Rush is packaged in clear 12-ounce glass bottles with brightly coloured labels. The sparkling drink takes its sweetness only from organic juice concentrate, and contains no added sugar.

"We were excited to introduce Organic Apple Rush Energized with Ginseng at the FMI/OTA show, to meet the surging demand for sparkling 100% juice beverages," said RushNet president Robert Corr. "Apple Rush is a high-quality beverage with the boost of American Ginseng active people want and need. People loved the taste and we have retailers and distributors ready to order the product for this summer."