Bacardis Facundo rum collection will now be available in US airports

Bacardi's Facundo rum collection will now be available in US airports

Bacardi has said rum has the biggest long-term opportunity in global Travel Retail as it rolls out the Facundo Rum Collection to US airports.

The company said today premium rum has "yet to maximise its potential" in Travel Retail. "There is massive headroom to grow and as the rum category leader, we have the ability, insights and full range to drive transformational change," said Bacardi's Travel Retail MD, Mike Birch.

Birch's comments came as Bacardi launched the Facundo Rum Collection to DFS airport stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York's JFK. The collection, which consists of four premium blends, was previously released once a year only in US domestic channels

The lineup is:

  • Neo - Made from medium younger to heavy-bodied older rums aged up to 8 years in oak barrels 
  • Eximo - The only rum in the collection that is fully blended before ageing
  • Exquisito - A blend of seven- to 23-year-old rums aged in oak barrels, finished in sherry casks for a minimum of one month
  • Paraiso - A blend of the "finest and most distinguished rums in the private Bacardí family reserves", finished in French XO casks, some of which are more than 60 years old.

This month, Bacardi confirmed it will separate its Oakheart rum from the Bacardi brand. The taste profile and alcohol content will remain the same.