The ready to drink brand Roxxoff, which has been dubbed a "Viagra Pop", is to go on sale in Ireland, amid a flurry of controversy.

The Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI) has called on pubs and off-licenses not to stock it. VFI president Joe Browne said: "The name and marketing of this product is associated with sexual success which is absolutely outrageous and totally unacceptable.

"It is obviously aimed at young people and it is blatant exploitation without any thought for the serious consequences it could have on their lives.

"We don't want it in Ireland and the VFI will do everything in its power to ensure it doesn't arrive into this market.

Roxxoff was recently on the end of a ruling by drinks industry watchdog the Portman Group calling on the UK trade not to stock the drink.

Roxxoff has come under attack for its marketing, which claims the drink can promote sexual success. Its website talks of "a generation of randy super beings".

Roxxoff spokesman Chris Williams defended his product though, saying that it was only going to be sold in pubs and clubs to avoid exposure to underage drinkers.

Williams said: "The VFI are entitled to their opinion but I would like to hear them explain how they are qualified to make decisions for people who are over 18."

He continued: "Anyone who objects to people over 18 making up their own mind on what they drink are narrow-minded."