Click through to view Rok Stars Uisce Beathe Irish whiskey

Click through to view Rok Star's Uisce Beathe Irish whiskey

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Brand development group Rok Star has secured Swedish distribution for its recently-launched Irish whiskey brand, Uisce Beatha.

The company, co-created by the co-founder of Patron Tequila, John Paul DeJoria, said late last week that Galatea will handle the Irish whiskey's distribution in Sweden with immediate effect. Rok launched Uisce Beatha, which is Gaelic for 'water of life', earlier this month.

“The Scandinavian market is a key part of our deployment of the ROK drinks portfolio internationally,” said Rok's chairman & co-founder, Jonathan Kendrick.

Privately-owned Galatea operates a warehouse and distribution system through its KGA Logistics affiliate.

Uisce Beatha comprises liquid purchased by Rok from Teeling Whiskey Co. Rok is targeting sales of 180,000 bottles per year for the brand, which will be sold initially in the US and UK, Sweden and Germany.

All alcohol over an abv of 3.5% in Sweden is sold through the state-held retail monopoly Systembolaget.

Uisce Beatha is pronounced ‘ish-ka ba-ha’.