Republic National Distributing (RNDC) has begun operating its joint venture in South Carolina.

The wine and spirits distributor, which is the second largest in the US, said late last week that its 50/50 joint venture with The Capital Group of South Carolina has started. Capital and its four subsidiaries in the state started operating under the name RNDC of South Carolina from 10 December.. RNDC and Capital announced the plan to merge in August last year.

"This joint venture combines our strengths and capabilities and will enable us to better serve our suppliers," said RNDC president Tom Cole. 

Peter Fawcett, the president of Capital, is CEO for the new company, while Charlie Bradford, who has been the RNDC state president in South Carolina, is president.

Founded in 1982, Capital was founded by Peter Fawcett, his father John Fawcett, Jr., and his brothers John, David and Michael.

RNDC operates in 18 US states, including the District of Columbia.