The UK company GlaxoSmithKline is to launch hot and cold flavoured versions of its flagship carton soft drink Ribena, called OOOOHH and AAARGHH.

The drinks will hit the shelves in March.

Henry Dummer, customer marketing controller, convenience, said: "OOOOHH has a cooling aftertaste, conveying a chilled, relaxed and sophisticated character. AAARGHH, meanwhile, is underscored by a distinct chilli kick, a fiery sensation that's 'in your face', loud and much more punchy."

The launch is being supported by a £1.75m spend, of which £1.1m has been earmarked for TV and cinema advertising to be aired in April; PR; sampling and online marketing.

"The investment is just part of the record £40m we are investing in the Ribena brand this year - once again proving our commitment to an NPD strategy which has at its heart genuine innovation and serious investment. The combination of genuine innovation along with this serious support package will ensure high sales of OOOOHH and AAARGHH without eating into the sales of the core Ribena range," said Dummer.