Rias Baixas has seen exports of its wines for 2003 increase. The Spanish Wine Federation said yesterday that the winemaker's exports of Designation of Origin rose by 13.3% year-on-year to 937,166 litres last year.

Based on value, exports climbed for the company by 8%.

Spanish exports of wines with designation of origin increased in volume last year by 5.5% on average.

The US was the main importer of Rias Baixas wines, taking 342,690 litres, followed by the UK with 154,205 litres. Germany imported 73,861 litres in 2003.

The UK saw the largest increase in exports for the winemaker, up by 55.4%, followed by Mexico (41.2%) and Switzerland (23.9%).

Rias Baixas said it will look to expand into China this year. The only Asian country currently importing the company's wines is Japan.