The end of a month-long strike in the US at beverage can company Rexam has hit the firm's bottom line to the tune of US$29.7m.

Rexam confirmed to just-drinks today (10 May) that a strike at nine of its can production facilities came to an end on Tuesday. The company had been taken to task by members of the United Steelworkers union in the country.

"There had been two rejected tentative agreements," the spokesperson said. "Although the union leadership had agreed, the rank and file members rejected it." The strike, which was over retiree and medical benefits, started on 19 April.

"We're happy it's all over," the spokesperson continued. "Our main concern had been that our customers weren't affected by the strike. We do have inventory, and production continued throughout the strike, albeit at a reduced rate."

Rexam has a total of 15 can production sites in the US.