Rexam has adapted to the changing demands for speciality cans in the US.

Rexam Beverage Can North America announced yesterday (7 March) that it has expanded its speciality size capacity across three of its product lines.

While adding 16oz. can capacity to its Oklahoma City plant, Rexam has also converted a 12oz. line in North Carolina to manufacture its 'Sleek' cans. At the same time, Rexam's Illinois facility has added a production line for its 24oz. resealable CapCan. The company said it also intends to add additional Sleek and 24oz. capacity to the Illinois site by the end of the year.

"Consumers are increasingly demanding innovative, eye-catching beverage packages that reflect a desired identity," said Harry Barto, president and CEO, Rexam BCNA. "Specialty size cans are a great example of where we are seeing consumer demand translate into favourable retail price points for beverage marketers.

"We will continue to shift capacity to meet the needs of our customers as we focus on helping beverage marketers build their brands and their business."