Click through to view the Mack Arctic can

Click through to view the Mack Arctic can

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Norwegian beverage company Mack has joined forces with Rexam to launch a beverage can for its Arctic Beer brand targeted at young males.

The revamped can features a "polar bear cut-out tab", designed to portray a "more masculine image", Mack said today (27 October). The company is targeting the new design at urban males aged between 18 and 35.

The redesign follows the addition of two beers to the Arctic series - Arctic Ice and Arctic Lite - and will be carried across each product in the brewer's range. The move highlights Rexam's strategy to add value by increasing its ability to provide bespoke packaging for specific customers. 

Mack said that it does not currently export the Arctic beer range, but that the design has been "adapted to suit EU guidelines for possible future opportunities".