More than 12,000 outlets of major retailers in the UK are to take part in a point of sale campaign called 'Know Your Drinks'.

The campaign, which launches today (21 July), aims to further inform consumers about alcohol units and encourage a more responsible drinking culture in the country.

The campaign has been developed by The Wine and Sprit Association (WSTA) and The Drinkaware Trust and has been designed to run alongside the Government's ongoing 'Know Your Limits' campaign on unit awareness.

Consumers will be provided with advice and guidance at the point of sale via stickers and posters that will outline the alcohol content of individual drinks as well as provide tips and hints about how to enjoy alcohol in a "non-harmful" manner.

Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo, said: "To make an informed choice about alcohol, people need clear and accessible information. This campaign is a good example of industry taking responsibility for their sales and empowering the customer to make better choices."

Some of the 'Know your drinks" messages at point of sale will include: "Know your drinks…a 125ml glass of 12% ABV wine is 1.5 units". Messaging will be extended to also include tips such as: "Enjoy alcohol responsibly…a few soft drinks can help pace your evening".

"This campaign is all about giving consumers access to practical knowledge about alcohol at the time of purchase," said Derek Lewis, chairman of the Drinkaware Trust. "We believe that in the long run, the cumulative effect of reinforcing messages about units and safe levels of drinking will play a part in creating a more responsible culture in the UK."

The campaign will be run until Christmas, when the messages will change to use a seasonal slant.