Remy Cointreau USA has signed an exclusive distribution deal with National Distributing Company (NDC), which names NDC the exclusive distributor for Remy Cointreau USA across seven of NDC's nine markets. It also includes distribution rights to parts of the portfolio in New Mexico and Virginia. 
"This long-term agreement with Remy Cointreau USA across our system is a tremendous testament to the strength of the partnership we have forged with them," said Jay Davis, chairman and CEO of NDC. "We are very excited about building upon our existing relationship with them and being a part of their success well into the future."
"Remy Cointreau USA has great brands, which is key to our mutual success," added John Carlos, vice chairman of NDC. "We are committed to outperforming the marketplace and continuing to grow market share for the entire Remy Cointreau portfolio."
This new long-term partnership with Remy Cointreau USA extends the pre-existing relationship in which NDC had exclusive distributor/brokerage rights in Georgia, Colorado, Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. In addition, Eber/NDC, a joint venture between NDC and Eber Bros., the 13th largest wine and spirits distributor in the country, has been named the exclusive distributor for the portfolio in New York. NDC also represents parts of the portfolio in New Mexico and Virginia.
"NDC and Remy Cointreau USA have developed a great partnership over the years, and formalizing this partnership through long-term agreements was the natural next step in the relationship," said Thomas F. Jensen, president and CEO of Remy Cointreau USA. "I have no doubt that this long-term partnership is going to have a positive effect on both companies."