The ASA agreed that Premier Estates Wines ad was inappropriate

The ASA agreed that Premier Estates Wine's ad was inappropriate

The UK's advertising regulator has banned a Premier Estates Wine ad in which consumers were invited to 'Taste the Bush'. 

UK-based wine company Premier Estates was using the video and Twitter campaign to promote its Australian wines. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) said there were five complainants - including trade body Wine Australia. Complainants questioned whether the ads were offensive because they were sexist and degrading to women. Alcohol Concern also expressed worries over whether the ads linked drinking to sexual activity.

Premier Estates Wine said the ads were supposed to be "tongue-in-cheek". But, the ASA ruled to ban them, saying consumers would understand the reference to oral sex and also that the woman in the ad had been "undermined". 

The ASA warned Premier Estates Wine to "ensure their ads did not cause serious or widespread offence and to ensure they did not link alcohol with sexual activity in future".

When the ad came out, news and insights editor Andy Morton asked if it was the worst campaign ever.