The Reformed Spirits Company has switched distributors for its Martin Miller's gin and Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength gin brands in the US.

The UK-based company said yesterday (4 December) that it was dropping Skyy Spirits in favour of Kindred Spirits in the country, because it felt that "the fast-growing, ultra-premium, award-winning brand required dedicated brand teams with a strong on-premise emphasis".

"At this stage in Martin Miller's development it was clear that the brand would benefit from the close attention and integrated sales and marketing push that Kindred is amply equipped to provide," said Martin Miller's gin co-founder David Bromige. "Skyy Spirits built incredible buzz around the brand and we now look forward to a new phase of growth with Kindred Spirits."

The change will take effect from 1 January, with Miami-based Kindred Spirits adding the brands to its existing portfolio, which includes Gran Duque de Alba Brandy and the Dry Sack Sherries from Spain. It also imports Malt Trust Single Barrel Cask Whiskies from Scotland.

Martin Miller's gin is small batch, pot-distilled in the UK and then transported to Iceland to be blended with Icelandic spring water.