Redux Beverages has been instructed to cease naming its energy drink brand Cocaine.

The California-based company has received the demand from the US Food and Drug Administration. In a letter to Redux earlier this month, Alonza Cruse, a district director for the FDA, highlighted various claims on the product's packaging and website as requiring immediate correction.

"According to information on your website, Cocaine is marketed as an alternative to an illicit street drug, and certain ingredients contained therein are intended to prevent, treat, or cure disease conditions," Cruse said. "Street drug alternatives, i.e., products that claim to mimic the effects of recreational drugs, are not intended to supplement the diet and, as a result, cannot lawfully be marketed as dietary supplements."

The FDA also took exception to the product name appearing to be spelled out in a white granular substance that resembles cocaine powder, as well as the use of statements such as 'Speed in a Can' and 'The question you have to ask yourself is: "Can I handle the rush?"'

Redux has been given 15 days to correct the violations.