Redhook Ale Brewery is re-packaging its India pale ale, Long Hammer IPA.

The revamp will continue to focus on the company's hammer emblem and will be available in 22oz bottles in selected US states, as well as 12oz bottles and on draft nationwide.

"With our rich history in the Pacific north-west and a long-standing commitment to consistently high quality craft brews, our fans have come to expect a lot from Redhook," said Doug MacNair, brew master for Redhook. "We've worked hard to perfect the art of crafting an ideal IPA every beer drinker can appreciate. We've mastered the technique of dry-hopping Long Hammer with Cascade hops at the end of our brewing process to impart a wonderful aroma without creating an overpowering taste."

Retaining its "traditional" hop profile, the new packaging is due to be rolled out in late July and early August.

In addition to Long Hammer IPA, packaging for the other Redhook craft beer varieties will also be redesigned, appearing on shelves later this summer.