Red Bull, the energy drink giant, on Monday won its property rights case in Australia against Sydneywide Distributors, who produce the Livewire energy drink.

The case was brought against Sydneywide over the similarities of Livewires packaging to Red Bull. On Monday, Justice Conti of the Federal Court of Australia ruled in favour of Red Bull as the court stated that the packaging label of Livewire, "sailed too close to the wind" in its similarities to Red Bull.

"We are delighted with the judge's decision, which reinforces the intellectual property rights of Red Bull energy drink as a global brand," said Paul Devereux, Australasian corporate projects manager, Red Bull Australia.

"Red Bull energy drink's intellectual property rights are one of our most valuable assets, in which we heavily invest and vigorously defend. The decision sends a clear message to any company or individual considering imitating our distinctive packaging design and logo, that not only will Red Bull take all action necessary to protect it's brand but that such action is sanctioned by the courts," he concluded.

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