The energy drink Red Bull is once more under fire in the Republic of Ireland after a helath minister threatened to take action should Red Bull continue to make claims about the effects of its drink.

Micheal Martin said he was angry that the company's advertising said Red Bull was the drink that "gives you wings" as well as making claims it could boost sexual and sporting performance.
He has now warned that unless the ads are dropped they will be banned from the TV screens.

In an interview with e Irish Mirror the Minister also said that mixing Red Bull with alcohol was in his opinion "lethal".

He went on: "I will be calling the advertising industry in but if they don't come up with a code of practice, a code legislation will be brought in.  Many young people are watching advertisements which depict someone flying.  There needs to be a far more responsible attitude to that kind of advertising."

Two weeks ago health experts recommended that cans of the drink may have to display health labels warning of the dangers of mixing it with alcohol.