Red Bull is preparing to launch a natural cola drink in seven countries, local reports have suggested.

Red Bull Simply Cola will be the first major brand extension for the energy drink giant since their Sugar-Free Red Bull introduction and will reportedly be available in the 200ml slim can as well as a 355ml version, reports claimed earlier this week.

The all-natural cola is believed to contain Kola nut and Coca leaf, as well as natural caffeine derived from coffee beans, and will be marketed using the tagline 'Strong and Natural'.

Red Bull's leading competitors, Monster and Rockstar, have both introduced a cola version of their energy drinks in the past, to varying degrees of success.

Speculation over the launch of a new product for Red Bull has continued for several months. The company previously developed an enhanced "botanic water" product called Carpe Diem, but allowed AMI Brands to distribute it.

No-one was available at Red Bull to clarify the reports when contacted by just-drinks today (27 March).