Red Bull has lined up an addition to its Sabai wine spritzer portfolio in the UK.

The Austrian company, which launched Sabai in late-2005, said earlier this week that it will back the launch of Sabai Pomegranate in the UK with a GBP2.5m (US$4.99m) advertising campaign next month.

The addition will be specifically targeted at young women, beginning with the 'Beautifully Unexpected ad campaign in which the pomegranate will be identified as the original 'forbidden fruit' from the Garden of Eden.

"We are targeting our campaign at confident young females," said Red Bull UK managing director Nigel Trood said. "We don't believe anything in the marketplace caters for them at the moment, yet they are the consumers most interested in trying new drinks. The continuing growth in wine and the wine spritzer category, combined with pomegranate's soaring success in the 2000s give us huge confidence in this launch."

The 5% abv spritzer will be available in 275ml bottles and will retail at GBP4.99 for a four-bottle pack.