Red Bull has settled a lawsuit with Dicey Riley's in the US after the bar and restaurant was allegedly found to be "passing off" generic energy drinks as the Red Bull brand.

The company said yesterday (9 April) that the lawsuit, filed in Florida federal court, alleged that customers requesting a Red Bull at the establishment "routinely received a substitute beverage".

"The terms of the settlement include a permanent injunction against Dicey Riley's and its employees that precludes them from 'passing off' other beverages as Red Bull, as well as a judgment against the owners and operators of Dicey Riley's in the amount of US$75,000," the drinks company said.

Red Bull North America vice president of sales Chad Peffer said: "This is not about money, it's about standing up for consumers who are being deceived and for our brand, which is being misrepresented. We would prefer not to file lawsuits, but there are certain situations where we have exhausted all efforts to persuade the account to stop passing off, and we are left with no choice."

Last month, Orlando-based Roxy Night Club also settled a lawsuit with Red Bull after allegedly passing off other energy drinks as Red Bull.