Red Bull has hit back at accusations made in Swedish press last week that doctors believe the famous energy drink could have caused the deaths of three young adults in Sweden.

According to local press reports Red Bull's head of information in Sweden, Susanna Ronn said: "This is just scare mongering. There's nothing dangerous in it. It's just an energy drink."

But doctors claim that two of the deaths occurred when Red Bull was mixed with alcohol, while a third drank several cans after a hefty training session.

The four doctors are planning to study the fatalities in detail this autumn after all three were admitted to a Stockholm hospital.

A spokesperson for Red Bull in the UK told "As Red Bull is currently sold in more than 50 countries in the world (approximately 1bn cans) and nowhere has ever had any evidence that Red Bull can cause any harmful effects.

"I am certain that the alleged consumption of Red Bull has no connection whatsoever with the cause of the death of the three young people. And expect the investigation of the cause of the death to confirm this.

"However Red Bull regrets the sad incidences in Sweden."