Red Bull has reiterated its position amidst growing media interest in the safety of the beverage. Last month, the European Union's highest court upheld France's ban of the energy drink, leading to media coverage across Europe.

In a statement issued last week, the company said: "Red Bull Energy Drink has been on sale in Europe for 17 years and will continue to be sold in over 100 countries worldwide but not in France and Denmark as has been the case for the last 10 years.

"Red Bull will continue to work towards an authorisation of Red Bull in France," the company said. "Health authorities of more than 70 countries, including Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand have concluded, through clinical data, clinical tests and toxicological evaluations that Red Bull Energy Drink is safe to consume."

Ireland's Department of Health is reviewing its policy on stimulant drinks following the European court's decision.