The Irish Department of Health is look at a recent judgment by the European Court of Justice which backed France's right to ban Red Bull on the advice of the country's own health experts, according to the Irish Independent newspaper.

On Friday the European Court of Justice ordered France to lift its ban on the drink unless it could prove any health risks. The court also said, however, that the French government did have a right to ban Red Bull.

French scientists claim that the levels of caffeine in the drink pose a real risk to public health if drunk to excess. France consequently refused to authorise its sale, a move which was challenged by the European Commission when manufacturers complained that it was inhibiting imports.

The upholding of the French ban in the European will now be considered by officials who deal with food safety issues within the Department of Health, according the Independent.

The Irish reaction follows news in Holland where it was announced that the Dutch Health Ministry will also look at France's reasons for outlawing the beverage, and will then order content analysis of red Bull and analysis of its risk factors.