Evans & Tate Ltd has announced a record grape crush from its Western Australian, Victorian and NSW wineries in the 2004 vintage.

A total of 57,866 tons of grapes were crushed at the group's various Australian sites, up by 41.7% from 40,838 tonnes in the 2003 vintage, the company said today.

Executive chairman Franklin Tate told Ralph Wragg Australian Business News that, while the industry as a whole was experiencing an oversupply of red grapes, the company's intake of red grapes was in balance with demand for its branded products.

"However, we still see a shortfall in the available volumes of good quality white grapes in most regions," Tate said.

"This vintage has produced the potential for excellent wine quality with all regions reporting disease-free harvests and superb quality fruit.

"Across Australia we have experienced a further year of hot and dry conditions.

"Top quality, disease-free wines have resulted from these conditions and the consumer will certainly be assured of some outstanding drinking," Tate concluded.