Heineken is to debut a new advertising campaign in the UK featuring Hollywood actor Ray Liotta, who is most famous for his role in GoodFellas.

The advertising, in which Liotta reprises his role as the tough-talking wise guy, is part of Heineken's continued effort to remind UK drinkers of its premium quality offering and the change from a 3.4% to 5% ABV.

The advertising is part of a £7.5m media spend this year, and part of an overall £25m UK marketing investment.

In the new ad, Liotta plays an enforcer, sent by the brewers to 'explain' to an unsuspecting member of the public the error of his ways in not finishing his pint of Heineken a few nights earlier. The man is woken in the middle of the night and escorted from his suburban home to the Heineken brewery in Holland where Liotta points out how Heineken has changed.

"I enjoyed making this ad for Heineken and learning about how they make their beer," said Liotta.  "The idea of showing up on someone's doorstep at 3am and berating them for not respecting the beer kind of appealed to me."

John Ricketts, off-trade sales director at Heineken UK said: "More and more drinkers and shoppers now know that Heineken has changed in the UK from 3.4% ABV to 5%.  Using Ray Liotta's powerful screen presence to communicate this message even more memorably will mean more consumers choose Heineken."

The ad was directed by Bryan Buckley and filmed in New York, where Liotta is starring in his debut performance on Broadway in 'Match'.