The German wine company Racke saw its sales figures increased by 13%, in the financial year to 30th June 2003. The result was mainly driven by the growth of wine the company said.

Wine sales, which account for 55% of Racke's generated turnover were up 13%. Sparkling wine sales increased 33%, accounting for 19% of the total Racke turnover. Racke's spirits generated a slight plus of 2%, amounting to 26% of the total turnover achieved.

In total the Steiner-Racke-Dujardin Group generated a turnover of €261.8m, with the share of the new partner Steiner amounting to €35.5m in the half year since the alliance.

Racke's business operations generated a 6% increase on turnover for the year to €226.3m.

"In a truly difficult and highly competitive year for the European retail it was especially branded wines, which achieved double digit growth, thereby strengthening their position as one of the most important product category for the trade. Based upon our recent alliance with the Steiner Group (as of January 1st, 2003) we are now a strong trade partner not only of branded wines but also in terms of the BOB business." Marcus Moller-Racke, CEO of the Racke Group.

Racke is the leading wine supplier in the German retail setor as well as being among the top 5 leading suppliers in Poland, Austria and Switzerland (through its long term partner Bataillard).