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Rémy Cointreau's Metaxa 5 Stars Deeper Roots

Category - Spirits, Metaxa, 38% abv

Available - During this month 

Location - Hellenic Duty Free Shops in Greek airports including Athens, Heraklion and Rhodes

Price - SRP of EUR22.70 (US$30.20) per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Rémy Cointreau

Rémy Cointreau has released another summer-edition Metaxa exclusively to Greek travel retail.

Metaxa 5 Stars Deeper Roots targets holidaymakers to Greece and intends to “surprise customers, competitors and retailers” with its “distinctive” bottle shape, the House of Metaxa said this week.

Deeper Roots follows Metaxa's Roots edition last year and Rising Sun in 2011.

In Q1 results released last month, Rémy saw sales slip as China underperformed.

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The House of Metaxa has released a new limited edition available exclusively from Hellenic Duty Free Shops for the summer season.

The limited edition of METAXA 5 Stars ‘Deeper Roots’ Collector’s Edition is timed to coincide with the peak tourist season. It follows the runaway success of METAXA 5 Stars ‘Roots’ edition last summer and the METAXA ‘Rising Sun’ edition in 2011. 

Collectors are known to be active in trading the older editions of the METAXA collectables and this latest version is expected to add even more excitement for METAXA friends and collectors alike.

METAXA 5 Stars ‘Deeper Roots’ has been inspired by the intense colour of the Aegean sea, cloudless skies and the warmth of the summer sun. The stunning new blue and gold sleeve features bunches of plump grapes in tribute to the essential ingredient of METAXA. The quality of the grapes used is crucial for METAXA. 

The celebrated METAXA smoothness relies on the finest aged distillates that have been laid down in Limousin oak casks to mature patiently in the METAXA cellars. Its inimitable character is complemented with Muscat wines from the Greek islands of Samos and Lemnos. A secret ingredient, a bouquet of May rose petals and Mediterranean herbs, crowns the METAXA blend with rewarding aromas. 

METAXA 5 Stars is dark honey in colour, and offers a floral aromatic character. It is perfect on its own or as the base of a favourite cocktail or a refreshing long drink.

Displays of the new METAXA 5 Stars ‘Deeper Roots’ Collector’s Edition have been mounted around Greece, in major Hellenic Duty Free Shops including Athens, Heraklion and Rhodes.

To encourage consumer engagement, a QR code displayed in-store links the traveller to a video about this special limited edition on YouTube ( and   there is also a METAXA 5 Stars Deeper Roots video playing on plasma screens in the shops.

METAXA 5 Stars ‘Deeper Roots’ features in the Hellenic Duty Free Shops brochures during August and it is also profiled on the ‘boarding passes’ distributed to 70,000 visitors to Greece through on-trade activations in top hotels across key summer destinations in Greece. 

Panos Sarantopoulos, CEO of the House of Metaxa, commented: "METAXA is all about originality, vibrancy and risk-taking courage. The ‘Deeper Roots’ edition of our iconic 5 Stars celebrates our links to the island vineyard of the Aegean and its vibrant sun. This original design has been created for the discerning traveller. This type of innovation proves very engaging and highly relevant to the business of leading travel retail operators, such as Hellenic Duty Free Shops. We owe a lot to our business partners at Hellenic Duty Free Shops, W.S. Karoulias and Rémy Cointreau Travel Retail for making this innovation another success."

Manos Mathianakis, Marketing Director, Hellenic Duty Free Shops, noted: “The new bottle of METAXA 5 Stars 1lt Deeper Roots is a piece of art! It is sure to attract travellers’ attention. Everyone at Hellenic Duty Free Shops is very pleased about this exclusive edition and we all believe strongly that the outcome will be very promising as always when we co-operate with METAXA.”

George Patsourakis, Deputy Purchasing Director, Hellenic Duty Free Shops, added: “METAXA and Hellenic Duty Free Shops have had a fruitful co-operation through the years. METAXA is an innovative company, a trend-setter in the industry. The impressive, brand new bottle of METAXA 5 Stars Deeper Roots, offered exclusively at Hellenic Duty Free Shops, increases expectations for future designs and activations. METAXA always finds the way to surprise customers, competitors and retailers.”

METAXA 5 Stars Deeper Roots Limited Edition 1 litre (38% ABV) is available at Hellenic Duty Free Shops in Greece at RSP 22.70€



The House of Metaxa was founded by Spyros Metaxa in 1888. Often dubbed ‘the smoothest spirit under the Sun,’ METAXA is the blend of aged distillates and fine, live Muscat wine from the Aegean islands. METAXA owes its celebrated smoothness to the intensely aromatic Muscat grapes grown, tended and harvested by hand, under the touch of the Aegean sun. Just like the sun, METAXA instills optimism and positive energy. It injects vitality into moments shared with friends, as well as a smooth caress in more introspective moments.

METAXA is Number One in sales value in its category in Global Travel Retail according to IWSR in 2012. Strong in its home market, as well as in Germany, Austria, Russia, Central and Northern Europe, and growing in Western European, Middle East and North American markets, METAXA owes its desirability to its celebrated smoothness, recognised and enjoyed the world over.

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