Quiznos Sub, the third-largest US sandwich chain, has dropped the Coca-Cola Co. in favour of PepsiCo. The company said yesterday that it has signed a deal to serve PepsiCo drinks in its 3,200 US and Puerto Rican outlets, ending a 23-year relationship with Coke.

Last year, Coke secured a partnership with Subway Restaurants to replace PepsiCo products in the chain's 20,000 restaurants around the world.

Speaking to Reuters, Trey Hall, chief marketing officer at Quiznos, said: "We will be one of PepsiCo's biggest clients and we will not be playing second fiddle as we would have had we stayed with Coke."

Coca-Cola spokesman Ray Crockett told Reuters yesterday: "We value our relationship with Quiznos and we believe that we can help drive their business better than any other beverage partner, but we were unable to reach an agreement on a relationship that would bring value to both partners."

The new partnership will take effect from February. Quiznos did not disclose the value or length of the deal.