Argentine brewery Cerveceria y Malteria Quilmes (Quilmes) will invest ARS10m (US$3.2m) to increase the use of biomass and biogas energy in its plants, according to reports.

The brewery has already allocated ARS1.9m to equip its plant in Corrientes with a system that generates electricity from sawdust.

The system has helped the plant significantly reduce the use of fuel oil and at present, biomass-generated energy covers 95% of its energy needs, the Latin America News Digest reported.

Quilmes is currently installing a similar system at its plant in Zarate. The system will go online by the end of 2008 or in early 2009.

Besides biomass, the company is applying technologies to use the methane produced as a byproduct at its plant in Corrientes and plans to introduce the same technologies at the plants in Quilmes and Zarate.